Language of the Tail – Cat Language

Cat’s use their tail to communicate their feelings. You cat’s tail can tell a lot of things about going on inside her head.

Understand what your cat wants to tell your with her tail:


Position Meaning Image
Hangs in an arc down with a backup point The cat is relaxed and satisfied
Light is directed upward and curved The cat becomes interested in something
Stands in a large arc up The cat is curious and alert
Stands straight up, bent the tip The cat is very interested and gives a cheerful greeting, but still feels Slightly uncertain
Stands straight up, set up with the right tip The cat gives a satisfied, happy greeting. But it can also mean that the cat is angry
Is fully raised or with the tip slightly bent and vibrates The cat is happy and excited and showing his affection
Stir occasionally tip The cat is irritated in mind or light.
Moves faster tip The cat is annoyed
Moves violently back and forth The cat is angry
Moves violently back and forth The cat is angry, so be warned
Stands straight up, standing with the hair The cat is showing aggression
State in an arc up to his feet all the hair The cat is on the defensive; an attack is not excluded
Hangs down upright with all the hair The cat is afraid or scared of something
Lights up vertical hair (thick tail) The cat is probably happily running around and playing
Puts down (between the hind legs) Cat shows he is defeated or submission (relative to another cat)
Is kept aside and the body from behind pushed up The cat in heat is ready to be covered
Is kept aside The cat is shy, or cat is in heat

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